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Soulcollage® workshops

SoulCollage® is an intuitive collage process that helps access right brain information and makes the subconscious conscious.  It is an excellent tool for self-discovery and healing, bringing greater insight and awareness to participants.  As a SoulCollage® Facilitator, I provide various workshops ranging from a basic Introduction to SoulCollage® to custom-designed workshops for therapists, community groups, and private groups.  To keep the experience personal and meaningful to each participant, groups are limited in size.  Please inquire with your group needs, and we can co-create something wonderful together!

individual, couples, and family therapy

I offer a safe, non-pathologizing, empathic space where we can work together to address your concerns in an open and accepting way. Because of the varying needs of clients and families, sessions can be scheduled in 50 or 80 minute increments.  Individual and family intensives are also available. 

moms in transition (MIT) group

Let's face it, moms, our kids are not the only ones in transition! We have spent much of our lives focused on the needs of our children and families, and when they leave in one way or another, our roles change too.  You may be asking yourself, what do I do now?   This group is a safe, confidential space to explore what is next, laugh, cry, and share support with others who are in the same position.  This is also a place to remember YOU and your needs, wants, desires, and dreams.  We will use various meditative and mindbody techniques to reconnect to inner wisdom and repurpose those skills you so painstakingly acquired during your command performance as mom.  If it sounds like it's about time, I invite you to join us on this next adventure.  

the college transition for students and families

College-bound students and their families are often under a tremendous amount of stress as they learn to navigate the waters of this rite of passage.  Having gone through the process twice with my own sons, I know firsthand how exciting, stressful, and anxiety-producing  this college transition can be for everyone involved.  I enjoy working with families to address concerns, strengthen the parent-child bond, help parents and students discover (or remember!) their positive qualities, unique characteristics, and the personal/familial values that are important to them.  In addition to talking, we work together experientially using creative expression techniques such as SoulCollage® and family sculpting. This helps you access the inner wisdom that each of us has but is not so easily accessible in times of stress!  As inner and outer dialogue opens up, it promotes greater understanding, reduces overall stress, and reintroduces some fun so the family can function well in supporting each other through this life transition. I also work collaboratively with students who are seeking the clarity, confidence, and creativity to know their authentic selves and highlight their best qualities in their college entrance essays.